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One deserving nominee will receive a Hearing Care Package valued at $9,000

Hearing loss can have a terrible impact on social connectedness and life opportunities so we’re looking to help someone take back the social and community benefits that come from engaging effortlessly in conversation. 

We at A Better Ear believe it’s our responsibility to contribute positively to our community. We’re looking for one deserving person to receive a life-changing hearing care package, absolutely free.

Penelope and Damien have teamed up with Unitron to create a care package worth over $9,000 to someone who needs our help.

And we need your help in finding that person.

To put forward your nominee, simply tell us their story in 100 words or less, including why you think they are the ideal candidate to receive our help. Please let the person know you're nominating them as you will need to provide a few personal details.

Included in the hearing care package

  • A pair of Unitron’s premium level Moxi Blu 9 rechargeable hearing aids with Bluetooth
  • A Unitron Combi Charger case
  • 4-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Custom made ear moulds (as clinically indicated)
  • Up to 5 Audiological consultations in the first year
  • 12 months of over-the-counter support
  • 12 months of hearing aid consumables

Nominations are now closed

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Nominations are now closed

    Max 100 Words

    Our mission is hearing care

    Our sole purpose at A Better Ear is to provide patient-centred care that delivers hearing rehabilitation services which exceed expectations and change lives for the better.

    Everyone has unique Audiological and hearing needs. As a healthcare provider Penelope takes the time to thoroughly consult and treat according to the gold-standard of clinical practice, as defined by Audiology Australia and evidence-based theory.